Q: Why are your wigs so expensive?

A: Our Wigs are made with premium baby hair (highest quality) unprocessed human hair. Which means your hair is soft, has no shedding, texture that holds curls, and not forgetting the detail that goes into ensuring a perfect fit even without glue. Our wigs guaranteed to last you 5-10 years with good maintenance.


Q: Will my wig shed or tangle?

A: All of our wigs are wefted with intact and aligned cuticles. This prevents the hair from tangling. However, please be advised that ALL human hair has the ability to tangle if it is not maintained properly and will likely experience very minor shedding - this is normal and unavoidable and would happen the same way if the hair was growing straight from your scalp. Use good wig care products to maintain the quality of your human hair wig.


Q: Do the knots come bleached?

A: We offer frontal and closure customization, which entails bleaching of the knots and tweezing to give a more natural look to the hairline of your wig.


Q: Will the wig cap fit my head size/shape?

A: No worries, we often run into customers with a head size that is either smaller or larger than average size. We offer under our shopping menu standard size options and also customized size which offers a link on how to measure your head for a proper fit for your wig cap size. Also, feel free to send us a message to help you measure.


Q: How do I choose the density/fullness of my wig?

A:  300 density (2 bundles) give you a natural look. 400 density (3 bundles) give you a much fuller look. Increase in density means a fuller appearance.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Our business is located in the United States of America, and we offer free domestic shipping (within the U.S.) We offer international shipping and use DHL for guaranteed delivery anywhere in the world. International shipping fee is an additional $85.